Let’s Make Every Day Bacon Day

Get out your pork products people, because today is National Bacon Day!

There is nothing better than the smell of bacon frying on the stove. Well, maybe sitting on a beach in Florida would be better right now, but bacon would definitely come in a close second. If we weren’t smack dab in the middle of a deep freeze, bacon would definitely come in first, with Florida a close second. Unless we take it to the next level with a bacon sandwich on the beach in Florida. But now we are just getting crazy. Continue reading “Let’s Make Every Day Bacon Day”

Breakfast for Supper

madewithOverMeal time is a bit of a challenge at Casa Michel.

I wouldn’t call the kids picky, but I would say they are particular. They like most foods, as long as they look a certain way – no sauces, no visible spices and lots of ketchup and Ranch dressing for dipping.

If I make meatloaf, I also have to make hamburgers or meatballs, since Bronwyn refuses to eat sliced ground beef. Same recipe, same ingredients, different shape and she is a happy girl.

Not only am I up against the ‘Particular Twins’, we are also very busy with activities. Tuesday nights may be hectic with hockey commitments, but Thursday is our Crazy Night.  Thursdays are the days I go into the office, the kids are at daycare late and Findley has hockey practice so we are all a bit rushed and everyone is coming and going at different times. Not to mention it is almost the end of the week and I’m running on fumes…

image1The kids have to eat and I have to stay sane, and quite often that means a deli chicken meal from the grocery store on my way home. But we have made a family resolution to eat better this year, which means less salt, which means no deli chicken for me…

Breakfast for Supper is my go-to meal when things get crazy. Who doesn’t like scrambled eggs and bacon? Throw in a few pancakes or waffles and the kids are doing backflips with happiness. A few pieces of fruit on the side, and you have a moderately balanced meal.

And any meal that stars me as the hero is a meal can get behind.