Chef Findley

Findley channeled his inner Julia Child today for his French Project. If hockey doesn’t pan out, maybe he will consider a career as a chef on the Food Network. His French may need some practice (the TDSB only introduces French in Grade Four), but then again, so did Julia’s… Continue reading “Chef Findley”

Let’s Make Every Day Bacon Day

Get out your pork products people, because today is National Bacon Day!

There is nothing better than the smell of bacon frying on the stove. Well, maybe sitting on a beach in Florida would be better right now, but bacon would definitely come in a close second. If we weren’t smack dab in the middle of a deep freeze, bacon would definitely come in first, with Florida a close second. Unless we take it to the next level with a bacon sandwich on the beach in Florida. But now we are just getting crazy. Continue reading “Let’s Make Every Day Bacon Day”