A Test in Patience

We are navigating the uncharted waters of a very expensive new obsession. I figured it would happen sooner or later, but didn’t expect to dive in headfirst. I was hoping for a slower, gentler introduction to the American Girl pool.

Yes, the infamous doll has made her way into Bronwyn’s heart and has taken over her every waking thought. We watch American Girl movies, we surf the American Girl website and she’s already planning next year’s birthday party. The theme…. American Girl.

For her birthday this year, we spent a “girl’s day” shopping, lunching and getting our hair done. Part of the shopping experience was a trip to the American Girl doll store to buy Bronwyn’s present: Grace – the girl of the year. I knew she’d be expensive (we’ve been stalking her on the AG website, after all), but didn’t realize I’d need a second mortgage to pay for her many accessories… We settled for the doll, her dog and an outfit and ran quickly from the store.

Kit and Grace American Girl DollsBut once that bug settles in, it takes over. With so many play sets and outfits on display at the store, Bronwyn wanted to give her doll a few more accessories. We’ve been trying to talk her into waiting, to see if she will actually play with the doll before spending more on accessories, but with birthday money burning a hole in her pocket, it was hard to shut her down. She settled on another doll, to keep the first one company. The only problem was that the doll was not available in Canada; she could only be ordered online from the US.

So began the lesson in patience. Mine, not Bronwyn’s.

The website said that it would take between six and ten days to ship from Wherever USA to our house in Toronto. Business days that is, so up to two weeks from the time we ordered the doll to the day Bronwyn would be able to play with her. We went to bed that night talking about all the things that had to happen to get the doll here: the warehouse packing and shipping, traveling to the border, going through customs (like we did when we went to Florida), and finally into a mail truck and to our door. I tried to find a few extra steps that might add some time to the process, but she woke up every morning for the last week asking if this was the day Kit would get here. Every night after school, the first thing she would ask was if Kit had been delivered.

KIT arrivesI was more than ecstatic today; exactly one week from the day we placed the order, when the postman dropped Kit at my front door.

It hasn’t taken her long to become best friends with Grace either.

Bronwyn and her American Girl DollsNow I have to work on setting expectations for all the wonderful accessories Bronwyn has picked out from the catalog the American Girl people so thoughtfully added to the box with the doll. Either that, or start talking to the bank about that second mortgage…

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