Chef Findley

Findley channeled his inner Julia Child today for his French Project. If hockey doesn’t pan out, maybe he will consider a career as a chef on the Food Network. His French may need some practice (the TDSB only introduces French in Grade Four), but then again, so did Julia’s…The class is doing a unit on the steps required to make a pizza and he will be presenting his take on cooking the classic Italian dish to his classmates tomorrow. I feel for his teacher, who has to sit through 24 of these presentations.

I offered to take pictures of him making the pizza for a PowerPoint slide show, but that wasn’t going to cut it for my Master Chef. He wanted to record himself making the pizza to play back in class and then bring the completed pizza to school to share at the end of his presentation. He may or may not get his slightly over the top, over achieving tendencies from his mom.

He made enough pizza to feed us for dinner and to take to class, and did a pretty good job. I may have to add him to the cooking rotation.

I’m glad he is starting to look for opportunities to gain a bit of independence and build some confidence in the kitchen. He is just happy to see himself on YouTube

Homemade Pizza

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