Warning: This post contains MANY photos of very cold things.

Bronwyn and I went on an adventure today. Since it’s now March, which makes me think of March Break, which is close to Easter, which means spring, and that is practically summer (hey, it was -1 degrees today – that’s the warmest it’s been all year!), we decided to hit the beach.

Bluffers ParkI’m growing anxious for warmer weather; patiently waiting until the air and water warm up enough to launch my new paddleboard. The way things are going, I will need a wet suit AND a snow suit to get out on Lake Ontario this year. That’s so not the romantic vision I had in mind when I pictured myself paddling along the bluffs.

Cold BronwynCold,March 07, 2015-5 Cold,March 07, 2015-6 Cold,March 07, 2015-4Our trip down to the beach didn’t do much to soothe my fears. While the water was wide open, the shore was littered with ice, and the winds coming off the lake were fierce. If I were a responsible parent, I’d have dressed Bronwyn in snow pants rather than the flimsy leggings she wore.

Needless to say, we scoped things out and headed for home pretty quickly. Even the Tim Horton’s hot chocolate we brought along was cold before we could drink it. And we didn’t win anything when we rolled the rim.

Cold,March 07, 2015-3

The forecast is calling for temperatures on the positive side of the thermometer this week. Hopefully the melt will start soon and things will start to warm up. In the meantime I’ve started shopping for wet suits…

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