What is it? What images come to mind when you hear the word?

I am taking part in Photo 101: A Photo a Day; a month-long photography challenge hosted by WordPress. I expected to be challenged from a photographic perspective, but not to be pushed to answer such a difficult question – especially on a Monday morning.

My first response to the word was purely instinctive: a warm blanket and a comfortable chair. The second thought was much the same – a hearty bowl of soup and some warm bread. Both wrapped me in comfort and warmth.

But home is more than that. Yes, it is a warm, comforting, soft place to land; but it is so much more. It’s family too: dirty floors, toothpaste on the bathroom mirror, arguments over who gets to watch what show, and warm hugs before bed.

Home is disorganized and chaotic and filled with love.

It’s a carefully constructed nest. It may look messy to some, but to me it is the perfect spot to snuggle my chicks and give them the strength and encouragement they need to go out into the world and spread their wings.


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