Too Good to Last

We knew it would happen eventually.

Finn’s lucky Matt Duchene jersey couldn’t keep us in the playoffs forever.

On Valentine’s Day morning, at Scarborough Gardens (where Finn first learned to skate, incidentally), we handed the series over to Forest Hill. Maybe Matt needed to borrow some of that magic back – he did score his 300th career point last night.

The Markham Islanders fought a hard battle, but by the third period, the writing was on the wall. Forest Hill was the stronger team. Our boys are holding their heads high, however; proud of the game they played and how far they’ve come as a team. The chocolate cupcakes that were passed around post game also helped soothe some sad feelings.

But this is not the end of the road for our Markham Islanders Minor Atom boys.

Oh, no…

Finn will keep wearing the Matt Duchene lucky jersey and squeezing every last ounce of magic he can from it. We now have the GTHL Founders Cup Tournament to look forward to — the consolation prize for all GTHL teams who don’t make the playoffs or who are eliminated in the first round.

Matt, I hope you left us a little magic – we might need some yet.

Markham Islanders Matt Duchene Jersey Too Good to Last

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