The Magic Lives On

Just when I thought minor hockey couldn’t get more exciting, Finn and his Markham Islanders Minor Atom A teammates kicked things up to the next level.

With a bit of luck, a few smart moves and a whole lot of temerity, we pulled off a miracle.

Last night, the Markham Islanders drove (slowly) across the 401 on a snowy winter evening to show Forest Hill what hard work and perseverance can do. It was a tied game going into the last minute of the third period. The Islanders knew that anything less than a win had us out of the playoffs. Did our boys give up? Throw in the towel and call their baseball and soccer coaches for pre-season practice? No, they did not.

With less than 30 seconds left, an empty net (ours), and a lucky penalty (theirs), the heavens aligned, a hole opened and we scored the winning goal. Moms nearly fainted in the stands. Dads were patting each other on the back. Siblings continued to act bored, playing on their iPads (secretly, on the inside, they cheered for their brothers).

And waiting patiently in a smelly dressing room, hung one lucky Matt Duchene jersey. I hope it still has a bit of luck left in it – we will be meeting Forest Hill again on Saturday morning.

Lucky Matt Duchene Jersey
The jersey finally came off – but only long enough for Finn to shower…

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