Thanks Matt!

The Markham Islanders Minor Atom ‘A’ team are still in the GTHL Playoffs.

We are hanging on by a thread and may very well be out of the first round as of 8:00 pm tomorrow night, but as I write this, we are still in the game. And according to Finn, we owe it all to Matt Duchene.

Matt is a pretty big deal at our house (an Olympic gold medal will do that). He caught Finn’s attention during the 2014 Winter Olympics and the boy has been a loyal fan ever since. It doesn’t help that Aunt Laura Janke is one of Matt’s loudest cheerleaders. She knows someone who knows him personally, and in Haliburton, that’s pretty close to being blood relatives.

Naturally, a Matt Duchene, Colorado Avalanche team jersey topped Finn’s wish list this Christmas. The special-order jersey took the long road, ending up in Alberta before finding its way to us – a little over a month late. In retrospect, the timing was perfect.

Thank You Matt Duchene

Finn’s new jersey arrived just in time for the do-or-die, down by four, possible final game of the Markham Islanders series against Forest Hill. Finn spent the day  in his new jersey prepping for the game, watching YouTube videos of Matt, and getting his game face on.

He proudly walked into the dressing room, traded his Colorado Jersey for a Markham Islanders one, and took to the ice. We didn’t win (this is no Hallmark movie of the week), but we did tie. The series lives on.

The magic jersey hasn’t been washed (heaven forbid I clean away any lingering luck), and it’s ready to go for our game tomorrow night.

I’d say wish us luck, but we’ve got Matt Duchene on our side!

Thank You Matt Duchene

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