My Epic Nutella Day Fail

So, did you know it was International Nutella day?

Neither did I.

If I had known, say yesterday, I might have been better prepared to celebrate the occasion. Nutella is a staple in our home – the only way we can convince Bronwyn to eat bread is if it is slathered in Nutella. And even then, she tries to lick the spread off and leaves the bread behind.

That being said, I knew that grilled Nutella and banana sandwiches were out for supper, but Nutella hot chocolate for dessert was a definite possibility… I couldn’t wait to surprise the kids.

My conversation with Bronwyn when I picked her up went a little something like this:

Me: “Hey kiddo, did you know it is Nutella day today?”

Bronwyn (looks at me like I’ve grown a second head): “No… Is it?”

Me (super-excited): “Yeah, it is. Cool huh? I thought we could have Nutella hot chocolate for dessert tonight.”

Bronwyn: “Um, sure, fine. If you want to.” (can you feel the excitement? I sure can!)

With that overwhelming exchange behind us, we came home, prepped supper and were sitting down to eat when Bronwyn looked up and asked if she could have a choice between the hot chocolate and ice cream for dessert. I offered Nutella-covered ice cream to keep with the celebratory mood and she was sold.

Then she waffled back to hot chocolate. No biggie, it was the original plan all along. But, she explained that no, she didn’t want the Nutella hot chocolate, lovingly made from scratch by me. She wanted the pre-packaged powdered plain hot chocolate mix, with three marshmallows. Yes, three – no more, no less. Just three.

Count them - three heart-shaped marshmallows in a Nutella-free hot chocolate
Count them: three heart-shaped marshmallows in a Nutella-free hot chocolate

At this point, I just want a tall glass of wine and maybe for Calgon to come take me away, so powdered hot chocolate it was. And the three marshmallows. Not a drop of Nutella in sight.

IMG_1242I see that International Grilled Cheese Sandwich day is coming up in April. Maybe with this much advance notice, I’ll be able to get my act together!


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