Counting down to Spring

We lost an important part of the family last spring – even her stunning makeover was not enough to breathe new life Sharktooth 2.0.

Our summer was not the same. It was the ducks and loons that woke us early on Sunday mornings, not the sounds of Dean and Finn sneaking off for a fish at Turtle Swamp. There were no trips to Rosedale for ice cream or boat rides to visit friends across the lake. And tubing was a distant memory. We were officially landlocked.

Summer 2015 is definitely looking up. After a full day of dreaming, planning and bargaining at the Toronto Boat Show, we have finally filled the hole that Sharktooth left.

Introducing…. Sharktooth 3.0
CCCookies_1,January 17, 2015-4

She is a much shinier, faster, and bigger boat than our beloved Sharktooth, but she does have some pretty big shoes to fill. Already we are dreaming of early morning fishing in Finn’s secret spot, afternoon tubing in the sun, and we can almost taste the ice cream in Rosedale – but no eating in the boat!!

Summer can’t some soon enough for us…

CCCookies_1,January 17, 2015-2CCCookies_1,January 17, 2015 CCCookies_1,January 17, 2015-3



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