Game On!

Xbox_2,January 11, 2015It finally happened –the room formerly devoted to hockey, football and the setting for Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire marathons, now has triple-duty as a game room – video game room, that is. A brand-new Xbox 360 has been installed in our family room.

Maybe that’s why it’s been so cold outside – has hell finally frozen over? Dean said it was the only way he’d let a video game console into the house…

It took some smooth maneuvering on my part to get Dean to agree to the console. We have been putting it off for a few years now, focusing on sports and board games and other interactive activities. But when the letter went to Santa, we knew our time was up.

Finn has loved parading his buddies downstairs after school this  last week to test their mettle against him in Minecraft, NHL 2015 and Lego Marvel Superheroes.

On the bright side, we have set some firm rules in place to manage Finn’s Xbox use. He also has to share with his sister. While he isn’t always patient with her, he is taking time to explain games and strategies to her and helping her navigate through the games.

I’ve heard some loud arguments coming up from the basement, but so far Finn and Bronwyn have managed to work through their differences. The rule is any fighting and the console is turned off, so they are eager to resolve their issues as calmly and easily as a six- and nine-year-old can.

Xbox_1,January 11, 2015
Look at that concentration… He’s going to make a great teenager!

While nothing can replace the benefits of playing outside, getting some exercise and interacting with friends, the negotiation, compromise and teamwork the kids are learning while playing their video games together hold a significant value, none the less.

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