The Verdict is in: New Windows by Fall

I love my two beautiful front windows, but I am afraid their days are numbered.

The writing has been on the wall for a while now. While the 50+ year old, floor-to-ceiling, non-insulated, multi-pane windows are beautiful and an important architectural feature on the front of the house, we have to start thinking of replacing them.

The clear insulating plastic can only do so much to keep the weather out, especially when your cats insist on shredding it every time you try to put up a new sheet.

The windows have been a bit of an obsession for a while now. It started in November when I put up the insulating plastic and watched as one hour later, a cat came along and destroyed all of my hard work.

With the cold snap that has blown through town this week, frost is now accumulating on the inside of the panes and the shredded plastic has frozen to the glass. This can’t be a good thing.

New Windows_1,January 07, 2015On the bright side, the frosted windows allow in light, but offer up complete privacy – no one can see inside. All the better for crazy dance party night with the kids.

New Windows_3,January 07, 2015

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