The Sofa that Launched a Thousand Projects

Dean is in heaven.

We finally retired the smelly, food-crusted, cramped, sea-foam green loveseat from our living room. He can now stretch out on our brand-new smelling, clean, dark grey (insurance for future food stains), full-length sofa. No more cramped necks and sore backs for Dean when he falls asleep watching football.

While the update was long past due, it opened a rather large can of worms. Bringing a large piece of furniture into an already camped small space was going to make moving around the living room awkward. Good thing I had a three hour window to prep the space before the delivery truck came yesterday! Gone is a big heavy cabinet and one of a pair of leather club chairs. I wish I could have moved the fish tank on my own, but even I am not that resourceful (nor am I willing to risk my marriage).


One act of de-cluttering lead to another and by the time the sofa was delivered and set up, the main floor was feeling larger, brighter and more organized. Everyone seems to be benefiting from the extra breathing room. Things are put away and easier to find and only the essentials are out on display. I wonder if I could use this to make a case for new furniture in my bedroom…

I think I hear a toy box calling… Christmas is coming and I’m almost in tears just think of all the new things that will be moving in to clutter my space before the end of the year.

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