Blowin’ in the Wind

It has been a Bob Dylan kind of week.
First the assembly and now the plastic on our windows…

Ginger would never try to rip the plastic on the windows…

I did the magic hair dryer trick to the windows last weekend. I love how the insulating plastic shrinks and all the wrinkles just disappear when you put a little heat to them. I wish the same could be done to the wrinkles just above my knees. I’m not too fond of those ones either, but I digress…

Plastic is up, heat is on, bring on the snow. We forgot one not-so-small variable this year: the kittens.

Pete loves to look outside, and apparently wants nothing to impede his view. Including a paper-thin layer of nearly-invisible plastic.

It didn’t take more than two days for him to find a way to rip through the plastic and get to the window beyond. He has also found that he can make the tear worse by batting at the lose ends.

Pete leaving the scene of the crime

Dean has a grand idea that we should double the plastic from the half-way point down and then add a thicker piece of plastic on the bottom third to prevent the kitties from getting at the weather barrier. I say great idea – go nuts, but leave me out of it!

I figure, we try one more time (because I do love the way the heat softens out those wrinkles), cross our fingers and hope for the best. Maybe we can train the kittens to only look out into the backyard?

Blowin’ in the wind

How many layers does it take to keep a cat from tearing the weatherproofing off of the windows? I don’t really want to know…

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