Poppies and Rainbows and Bob Dylan?! Oh My…

I attended the Remembrance Day assembly at the school today. I try to attend every year. It never fails to turn me into a slobbering, weepy mess. From the proud faces of the kids singing, to the kitschy classroom numbers, to the compelling stories from the Veterans, I love it all.

Both kids are in the choir this year and I had to run out at the last minute for clean white shirts. I got the heads up on Sunday that they needed the white tops and dark bottoms for their performance.

What sane parent buys their kids white shirts? Finn had already dropped blue toothpaste on his by the time they left for school and Bronwyn came home with some pink mystery stain on hers, then followed it up by spilling ketchup on herself at supper. Maybe I’ll know better by next year, but they looked so cute and clean when the left the house this morning…

So the assembly started in the usual way, with a few songs and skits followed by a speech from a WWII Veteran. This gentleman told us about his time clearing land mines out of the English Channel in a submarine. It was a very compelling story, and when he talked about friends who never came home, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

Then things went a little sideways. Or ‘artsy’ depending on your perspective. The grade six class led the entire group in a sing-along to Bob Dylan’s Blowing in the Wind. But first, the class did a spoken-word version to warm up the crowd. Of the same song.

For the first time that I can remember, I didn’t have to sit and compose myself before leaving the gymnasium. But I did have to work doubly hard to hold in the giggles…

Here is a little video of the kids singing “Freedom” this morning. The “Rainbow Song” was much cuter, but for some reason, the sound didn’t record on my phone.

Bronwyn is the fifth from the left in the front row, standing proudly, and Finn is on the far right, just above the teacher in black’s head. He looks about as enthused as a jar of peanut butter.

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