It’s Lunch Time

I hear that life begins at 40.
I have also read that the average woman now lives to the ripe old age of 84.

If both facts are true, I still have at least half a life left to live.
I’m at the noon-hour of living – no wonder I’m so hungry!!

Back in August, Dean took me away for a 40th birthday junket – he told me I could go anywhere I wanted. Yay!! Within reason and budget. So I guess a villa in Tuscany is out?

He suggested New York City, but the city that never sleeps is very much at odds with my early to bed lifestyle. It took me almost a week to come up with a destination. There was no place that called to me, nothing I just “had” to see or do.

How sad is that?
Especially if I still have half a life left to live!

There was one place I wanted to go, one thing I did want to do – kayaking in the belly of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River, but that’s a trip best done without Dean. So we settled on another river – the Chicago River, and the Windy City. And had an absolute blast!

While the kids enjoyed a much needed break with Zjazja and Grandpa at Camp, Dean and I headed off on our four-day adventure:

  • We ate deep dish pizza
  • We drank (a lot of) American beer
  • We walked through beautiful historic parks and neighborhoods
  • We shopped (not as much as I wanted)
  • we stayed up past midnight (almost twice)
  • We watched the Blue Jays get massacred by the White Sox 
  • and we (well, just me actually) ate bacon on a stick

I came back recharged and ready to look for as much adventure as I can in the next half of my life.
The planning has already begun on my next adventures – yes there are more than one, including the Grand Canyon Kayak Adventure of Awesomeness.

The one Dean is most uncomfortable with includes me buying and towing a vintage Airstream trailer across the country.

Does that sound too much like a mid-life crisis to you? I certainly hope not, because the kids are all in and I’ve been scanning online classifieds…

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