Frog Pond Follies

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The mosquitoes did not keep us from the frog pond last weekend, nor did the massive quantities of bright green algae providing ingenious cover for the little froggies. Thank goodness for a light breeze or the smells may have pushed me over the edge…

The stock was low in the frog pond (possibly due to over-netting last year), but both kids kept a keen eye on the algae and with a little help managed to net a good half dozen frogs. Even Bronwyn was in on the act this year, netting her a few on her own and even posing with her catch.

We kept our trophies around for the better part of the weekend, showing off to anyone who would stop long enough to look.  But unlike the snapping turtle we caught last weekend, these frogs safely made it back to the pond at the end of our visit. 
The snapping turtle is a story for another day along the riverbank. Lets just hope he made it home to the frog pond and is not lurking under our dock, planning retribution for being stored in a recycle bin in the hot sun… If I lose a toe this year I blame Findley!

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