Ugly Duckling no More

or Sharktooth Finally Comes Home

In late June, the Sharktooth took a trip that changed the course of our boating life. Possibly for ever.

As she wound her way through Muskoka and up highway 69, years of neglect, duct-taped seats, water-swollen floor boards and, most importantly, a bad smell of dead, rotting fish were peeled away, revealing a not-so-gently used, but very functional (and sweet-smelling) boat.

It was cathartic to toss the old, rotten guts of our boat off the back of Grandpa’s truck at the Noelville dump. Working in ‘dry docks’ in Grandpa’s driveway at camp, we transformed our Ugly Duckling into a beautiful Swan. There is no longer a need for a full-body Purell dip when the kids get out of the boat – the fear of infection from contaminated carpet and nasty smells is gone!

Dean and Grandpa worked tirelessly to bring the old boat back to life. New carpeting throughout, new sleeper seats and freshly sanded and oiled teak really make the old girl sparkle. Friends have even asked if we got a new paint job, she is so clean.

The Sharktooth is happy with her new look too. She is much more responsive in the water, gets up on plane quickly and want to zip around the lake all the time. We are having a tough time keeping her on the lift – she’s always towing the kids in the tube, tripping off to Rosedale for ice cream or fishing down in Turtle Swamp. Clean her up, and suddenly the girl wants a social life.

Thank you Grandpa for the hours of work you put into our project; and welcome home Sharktooth – summer wouldn’t be the same without you!

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