Twinkle Toes

Or Karma Gets You Every Time

Dean and I work hard to ensure our kids have a happy childhood. We also do our best to protect them from growing up too quickly. Little girls are especially vulnerable and we want to make sure our little girl realizes that she is beautiful and perfect just the way she is. So that means no play makeup, no ear piercing, and definitely no nail polish. Dean will tolerate a lip gloss here and there, but will not budge on the nail polish.

Or at least he wouldn’t budge, until one fateful June weekend….

What was going to be a quiet and relaxing weekend all by myself turned into a slightly tamer version of “Girls Gone Wild 2013” when Bronwyn decided to stay home with me, instead of following the boys to the cottage.

Our adventure started early Saturday morning at the salon. Full cut & colour for me and bangs trimmed for Bronwyn, following by lunch out (McDonald’s of course) and some shopping. To end our decadent day, we decided on pedicures.

This is where I pushed my luck.

I figured that since Findley was allowed many grown-up opportunities (meeting hockey players, attending induction ceremonies, learning to play poker with his dad’s friends), Bronwyn was entitled to a little grown-up fun too. To me, it made perfect sense.

She wasn’t sure at first, but once she saw her pink-polished toes, she was hooked. The technician even added a cute little flower on each big toe, just to make it extra-fancy. We left the shop in bliss, agreeing that we should make this a monthly mother-daughter bonding ritual.

Said bliss lasted exactly 24 hours.

Apparently they don’t make nail polish strong enough to endure the wear and tear of a full day at kindergarten. I spent every night of the next week touching up the nail polish that had peeled from her little toes through rough play and sticky Crocs.

I lasted an entire week-and-a-half before deciding to take matters into my own hands and remove the polish altogether. Dean snickered a bit but to his credit, not one “I told you so” crossed his lips.

Dean may have had the last laugh on this one, but it was me giggling when Finn came home from his year end play-day a few weeks later with orange nail polish on his fingers…

Anyone care to guess how long that nail polish lasted?

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