Jumping in With Both Feet

This wasn’t my best week as a parent. No one went hungry, or naked or stuck their fingers in electric sockets, but I did missed a few key milestones.

We woke up to a wet first day of school, and even though I was working from home and did my best to prepare the night before, it was a little tense in the house as we got ready to head out. Findley decided earlier in the weekend that he wanted to go to school with his Sunshine Daycare friends, and wanted nothing to do with me walking him to class and hovering with the other helicopter mothers to get a glimpse of his new teacher.

To avoid therapy sessions later in Findley’s life, I gave him space and dropped him off to daycare at 7:30 where he happily ran over to his friends, waved goodbye and never looked back. Bronwyn didn’t start Junior Kindergarten until Wednesday, so this was just another day for her, but we did a dry run with a snack and her school bag. I left sad, but knowing that tomorrow would be better.

Wednesday morning brought sun and heat, and Bronwyn was very happy to hear that I would be stopping by the school to walk her to class along with the rest of the daycare kindergarten crew. Findley wanted nothing to do with me, but my baby still needed her mommy. Bliss. My mid-day conference call ran late – I hung up and rushed to school, arriving at exactly 12:56 shaking my fist in the air thinking I’d just made it. I knew something was wrong when there was no one waiting to be let into class, and the daycare was already preparing for quiet time…

School 2, Jenny 0.

So… no first day pictures and no walks to school. I decided I’d go the original and artsy route and take a picture of the end of the first week of school. They could hold their backpacks up in front of the school in victory – it would be great! Yeah… not happening either.

While hockey tryouts don’t start until next week, gymnastics is eager to get the season going and our first class was 5:30 Friday evening. I barely had enough time to get Bronwyn home and changed into a leotard. Forget the camera!

So there is no photographic proof that we survived week one – you will have to take my word. Lunches were eaten, forms were signed and returned and the battle over shoe laces begins again.

We have officially jumped back into the school year.

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