Change is in the air

Here it comes… I can feel a chill in the air. I see the leaves on the maple in my front yard slowly turning a beautiful crimson. I can smell autumn in the air. It will be confirmed this weekend when we sit down on the damp grass to see watch the animal show at the Kinmount Fair. Fall is my season and I can’t wait.

I doubt I’ll be spending any time in the lake this weekend, the heater was turned off a few weeks ago and the water is cooling quickly. No matter – we got our fill of sun, sand and surf earlier this month.

My favorite day this summer was a sunny Wednesday – we decided early to head to the marina in Rosedale (Bronwyn has finally conquered her fear of the boat – she now brags to everyone that her dad’s boat goes the fastest). After getting our gas and ice cream, we toured the lake, visited the Rosedale lock, and stopped in town for lunch and supplies before coming home to the cottage. We spent nearly the entire day in the boat relaxing and laughing. No plan, no direction, no worries. With our jam-packed schedule, a day without a plan is a rare treat.

Bronwyn wasn’t the only one to have a breakthrough this summer – I conquered a few fears of my own. I don’t have a bucket list (WAY too young for that) but if I did, I’d have crossed a few items off my list this summer. After a bit of pushing and prodding, I actually attempted – and succeeded – water skiing. It was only seconds, mind you – but I GOT UP. I WAS SKIING! I must be in better shape than I was at 25, and even 16, when I last attempted to ski. Try not to laugh too hard while you watch the video. I think I fall very gracefully, don’t you?

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