Family Drama Day

We have been taken over by projects this weekend.
Findley’s first school project is due on Tuesday. It wasn’t easy to find something interesting in our Wonderbread history for his “roots”assignment.

We don’t hail from exotic lands or wear jeweled costumes to celebrate our mysterious cultural festivals. The best I could do is a picture of Grandpa Bacon in front of his train. The guy laying on the tracks in front of him might generate some buzz. To sum up how exotic we are, Findley put down peanut butter and jam sandwiches as his favorite food from his family’s culture. “Because it’s healthy”, he says.

Unless he develops a stutter, I doubt he will be able to fill the 10 minutes he has to deliver the presentation. For his sake, I hope there are alot of questions…

In the midst of cutting, coloring and pasting, I was also putting together a new stuffed toy for Bronwyn. Meet Elizabeth – her new stuffed monkey.

She would look a bit more polished had Bronwyn not been so damn helpful. Wanting to push the sewing machine’s pedal for me, helping to pin and stuff and sew the shoes on. The two hour project took over my entire afternoon. And where is she now? The monkey is on the sofa, alone, while Bronwyn watches the hockey game with her brother upstairs. I’m so glad I invested an entire afternoon putting her together.

To make it worse, Findley has been reminding me all evening that I ‘owe’ him a monkey too. Thanks Dalton, for this extra day off to spend with my family!

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