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I finally did it. And I blame Dean.

It all started with my iPad birthday present. Who could resist all of those apps. Not to mention Angry Birds. Was there life before Angry Birds? I don’t remember – and neither do the kids. They no longer greet me with a warm hug and “I love you, mom” when I walk through the door after a long day labouring at the office. It has changed to “Hey mom, can we play on the iPad tonight?” I love the convenience of having all of my information at my fingertips. My hockey calendar, snack lists, grocery lists, and don’t get me started on Pinterest.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I need those apps with me – all the time! What if a parent asks where they are on the snack rotation? What if I remember I need mustard and want to add it to my list? What will I do? Wait until I get home and risk forgetting? How responsible is that?

On Thursday, I walked across the street to the TELUS building, and upgraded my little antique phone. Yes, I felt a break in the space-time continuum as I made the leap to the 21st century.

oops – I took this one upside down

And here’s the best part: with my new Instagram app, any photo I take with my iPhone will automatically be pasted to my Instagram feed at the bottom of the blog.

Maybe my phone will spend less time dead at the bottom of my purse from now on…

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