The Constellation Prize

The excitement started on Friday night when Finn broke his stick in mid-play. He was skating past the bench when he knocked into a teammate snapping the stick in two. It’s a good thing a few of our players bring spares – coach Dean quickly found a replacement, keeping Finn in the game. I guess the occasional broken stick is to be expected since Dean won’t fork over more than $12 for a stick.

We arrived at the rink before the lights were turned on Saturday morning, and didn’t leave until well past dark. Losing both games on Saturday put us in the running for the consolation final (or as Findley calls it, the Constellation). By the time the time the game started, it was late and everyone was getting tired. I didn’t expect much out of our boys, but they proved me wrong. The came from behind to tie things up not once, not twice but three times before scoring the game-winning goal with just 13 seconds to spare. I’m sure you could hear us ringing our bells from the street. While we were not the winningest team in the tournament, we certainly were the loudest!

Everyone was happy with their trophies, proudly showing them off after the game. Both the players and their parents could not have been happier if we’d won the championship – or the Stanley Cup, for that matter. The first thing Finn did when we got home Saturday night (after calling Grandpa to let ‘that guy’ know he owed Finn a dollar for scoring a goal), was to make room on his shelf for his new hardware.

I bet it goes to school with Findley on Friday for show & tell.

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