It Must be Tuesday

I was eagerly greeted by my loving children as I walked though the door this evening. I did not have time to take off my coat and shoes before the pleading began. Not a single “hi mom, how was your day” was uttered from their precious mouths, what came out instead were requests for time on my iPad. Who needs hard-working and loving parents when you can have Angry Birds?

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Obviously Dean was not with me when I came through the door. Had he been, the story would have unfolded quite differently. The grumbling, the whining, the slow moving children who don’t want to take baths – it can only mean one thing: Dean is out playing hockey!

Dean assured me this morning that this will be his last Beer League hockey season. He has been in an arena every day for the last five days and will only have two days of rest until we are back on the ice. With Bronwyn’s lessons and our tournament, Dean will be on the ice for at least six hours this weekend. This family is not lacking in hockey time and the drive across town is starting to wear him down. He is getting older – he’ll be 44 in less than a month. His poor brittle bones can’t handle the fast pace and the intensity of the workout anymore.

It will definitely be nice to have him home most weeknights – bedtime is so much smoother with him around. And I may get more time for myself on the iPad. I have to keep up to the kids in Angry Birds!

Sassy Miss Bronwyn

Crabby Pants Findley
Crabby Pants take two…

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