We Survived!

Findley made it through his first day of Grade One. He said he likes it much better than Kindergarten because he gets three recesses. Not to mention lunch in the gym.

More importantly, I made it through Finn’s first day of Grade One. The nightmares I had about sending him off never came to pass. He lined up with the rest of his classmates and confidently walked into school, not even looking back to say goodbye. I guess I should have known that a goodbye kiss for his mother was out of the question.

And the best part of full-day schooling? The peace and quiet. Bronwyn played on her own all day. I had no fights to break up, no sharing to enforce and when we returned to school at 3:30, they played very well together, having missed each other all day.

Let’s just see if they are still missing each other in a few weeks, once the novelty of Grade One wears off and Finn gets used to the longer days…

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