The Countdown Begins

We just got in from a fantastic weekend at Balsam Lake cottage. The weather was great – warm sunshine, warm lake, toasty fire – the kids had fun splashing and playing around, and we all had an opportunity to recharge. 

There were a few tears and some protests as we drove away, but in four more sleeps, we will be back. And this time, we’re staying for a full 10 days! The kids certainly got a good taste of what’s in store this weekend. From a trip into town to the Coby Fair with Aunt Laura on Friday night to a walk to the park and a swim at the beach on Saturday morning, and to top it all off, an afternoon with Ben and Jamey.

It was great to hear Ben talking about playing soccer on the same stretch of grass Dean played on as a boy and now Findley is playing on. It really solidifies the sense of family history tied to the little cottage. And also shows that boys will always be boys and the same things that entertained them forty years ago holds their attention today.

Dean and Finn, or should I call them Lobsterman, and his sidekick Lobsterboy, spent Sunday morning hunting for crayfish. Finn seems to have progressed from frogs, an easy and relatively harmless catch, to crayfish – gross, pinchy crustaceans. I think he does it because he knows they give me the willies. They managed to catch five little guys before lunch and left them in a bucket right by the dock so they could jab at them all afternoon. And, of course, they released them off the dock so they can find new homes right where I swim.

The crayfish have four days to find a safe spot, away from my dock, to make their home before Finn comes back to turn their world upside down. I’m sure they are moving as fast as they can.
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