A Bad Cut And A Green Thumb

I finally got my hair cut today. I’ve been working to grow it out and have been resisting the temptation to go back to my comfort zone of short hair for months. I took a risk and decided to have my stylist add a few layers and some bangs – the beachy-wavy look is in for summer (so I’m told). It was a risk, but the feedback from my co-workers was very positive. I left for the day loving my new locks and feeling very confident. Then I got home…

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The boys are in Pickering for a lacrosse game tonight and when Bronwyn heard the door, she came running to greet me. She stopped in her tracks when she saw me. I picked her up to give her a hug and she stayed stiff. When I put her down and she was able to get a good look at me, she asked what I’d done to my hair. She said I should put it back the way it was or go get it fixed, immediately. She followed that up with “when Daddy and Finn get home, their going to laugh at you”. That’s when my confidence left the building.

I recovered enough to go out and water the plants, and my hair worries just disappeared when I stepped out the back door to see a little pepper happily growing in the sun. We’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, to grow veggies in our yard since we moved in. This year, we are growing our vegetable plants in pots so we can move them around our shady yard with the sun throughout the day.


We have about four cucumbers growing, two little peppers and three cherry tomatoes (that look more like mini gourds). There are plenty of flowers too, which means more fruit! The kids have taken a moderate interest in the plants, but I hope now that they are bearing fruit, their curiosity will grow. Nothing tastes better than a ripe, freshly picked tomato or cucumber and I hope that we have the chance to experience that fresh taste from our own garden this year!

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