Sunday Six-Pack: Canada Day Edition

What a start to summer vacation! Hot and sunny weather, cold beer, a few hot dogs and a ball game. And that was just Friday…

We decided to join the other 45,000 people at the Rogers Centre for the Jays game on Friday. Who knew a free t-shirt could draw such a crowd? The day was non-stop action: the train to and from the city, a giant street festival to celebrate Canada Day and to top it off, Bronwyn got to see her first live ball game. Is there is a better way to spend a sunny afternoon? I didn’t think so.

The only way to top Friday’s fun was to head to Niagara for a visit with Pops. He recently moved and we were anxious to check out his new digs. We were very impressed with the place – the kids loved the ride in the elevator, the budgies in the front lobby and, of course, the “claw” game at the restaurant from lunch. ‘Play ’til you win’ would seem like a great deal, but it took Findley at least 20 minutes and just as many tries to snag his cheap plush toy and then it was Bronwyn’s turn – I didn’t think we’d get out of the place before closing. Dean is wondering if Pops can install bunk beds in his room – he’d love to move in with him and the kids are already bugging to go back.

We had a guest for the ride home from the Falls. Tante Linda, Grandpa’s sister, was heading back to Ottawa and was flying out of the island airport. She certainly earned her stay. The kids kept her busy blowing bubbles in the yard, watching old episodes of the Muppet Show and reading stories. Findley, who was happy to have a fresh set of ears, talked non-stop and mentioned a few times that Komodo Dragons are the top land predators. The kids enjoyed the visit but I am sure Tante Linda was happy to get to the airport this morning.

Sunday was a day to catch up around the house. Dean finally got started staining the fence and Findley and I ran a few pre-birthday party errands. We had some big decisions to make – vanilla cake with chocolate frosting or chocolate cake with vanilla. We settled on vanilla cake with sprinkles and chocolate frosting. And cupcakes rather than one big cake. I’m sure glad that’s out of the way – it was weighing on my mind for weeks.

Somewhere in our flurry of activity, the kids found time to get in some crafts. Findley found a box of beads that Baba sent home with us on our last visit to camp, and has been bugging to make necklaces for days. He spent a few nights sorting out the different types of beads, over and over again. They spent quite a while threading their beads and proudly wore their creations most of the day. As much as I enjoy crafting with them, I am looking forward to the day I can sit with a coffee and a book and just watch them create their masterpieces.

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