I did it Myself

Our kids really like playing with chalk but sadly, Dean doesn’t. He hates seeing driveways full of scribbles and will not tolerate said scribbles on our driveway. Any chalk-related gift we have received has gone unopened and either re-gifted or donated. My creative heart goes out to the kids. I love to draw and Bronwyn can spend hours scribbling and painting and I just knew she’d love the chance to play outside with chalk. I just had to find a way to keep it from overflowing onto the driveway to get Dean’s buy-in.

When renovations were done to our house, prior to our buying it, a door to the backyard was closed in and replaced with a patio door to make room for a pantry. Rather than brick the hole in, it was simply boarded up and “decorated” with weird wall hangings and some trim. We have always just ignored the area but the paint had finally started to peel and it was time to clean it up. Dean has plans to stain the fence this summer and mentioned sanding and staining the ‘door’ to match. I wasn’t crazy about the idea, nor the amount of work required to pull it off. I had to come up with something, and quick.

That’s when I remembered seeing a picture of a fence painted with chalkboard paint. It was an easy sell – a dark color, away from the road and easy to clean. And best of all, it provides an alternate play area, safe from raccoon droppings. As soon as I had the go-ahead, I pulled out the brushes and got to work. Three days later (the paint takes a long time to set), the kids have made their mark on the chalkboard. Bronwyn made a few scribbles and Findley has added a skull. Not a bad representation, really!

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