Bathing Beauty

With all of the Findley posts this week, you might think he’s an only child. Not the case – Baby Sister is going though a “difficult phase”. 

It started when she was about one, but has kicked into high gear since just before her third birthday. She is struggling with being independent, but still having to rely on us to do quite a few things. Or she wants to be a baby and have everything done for her. We never know from one day to the next which Bronwyn we will wake up to. Either way, she has decided she doesn’t like having her photo taken – this is the reason that in every shot of her lately she is looking down or away, and never with a smile.

It is also why she isn’t in this series of photos. Findley insists on having a Jacuzzi bubble bath every time he is at camp. And Grandpa is more than happy to accommodate. This year, we managed to stop them from using dish soap – last year, the bubbles grew to over four feet high. We lost Findley in the suds for a few minutes. Bronwyn doesn’t like the Jacuzzi – the noise makes her nervous. I find it strange that she is afraid of the noise in the tub, but not the noise and bubbles in the hot tub at home.  Maybe it’s just what she’s used to…

No matter, with Bronwyn out of the tub and already in jammies, it was much easier to hose Findley down after he and Zjazja were done playing in the bubbles.

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