Sunday Six-Pack: Mother’s Day Edition

The new truck finally got to stretch it’s legs this weekend. We took a trip to Niagara for Mother’s Day weekend and it was a tough two hour drive – the kids weren’t allowed any food or drink in the truck. I’m working on keeping it as clean as possible for as long as possible. I’m losing the battle.

1. Our first stop was for lunch with Pops. We were in and out like a tornado. We had a bite to eat and the kids proceeded to rummage through Pops’ books, photo albums and whatever they could get their hands on. To minimize the damage we took the crew outside. Dean and Finn gave us a little lacrosse demonstration, followed by a tour of the gardens and some dandelion picking.

2. The next stop on our whirlwind tour was the falls. Despite the regular visits to Pops and to Grandma, we have never actually taken the kids to see Niagara Falls. Finn was a bit nervous about the idea. He didn’t know what to expect and the way we explained it, he thought he may go over the falls himself. He didn’t want to get too close at first but once he saw the secure fencing, he was all in. We didn’t get right up close – we’ll save that for warmer weather.


3. We didn’t sight-see too long because Grandma was waiting for us and we had work to do. For Mother’s Day, we gave her an afternoon of free labour. Dean mowed her lawn, we both worked to power wash the patio and deck and Dean even washed her truck. While we were sweating away, Grandma and Auntie Lee got to chase the kids around, draw with chalk on the driveway, play baseball and soccer, and blow bubbles. I don’t know who had it worse! We ended the day with a delicious steak dinner and the boys fell asleep on the sofa watching the hockey game. Good thing too – they didn’t have to see Vancouver’s loss.

4. We woke bright and early on Sunday morning with plans to go out for breakfast. Auntie Lee joined us and we took my mom to one of my Grandma’s favorite restaurants. Dean had never been to the Fire Side Restaurant and I knew it was right up his alley. The decor is a throw-back to the seventies, the crowd mostly pensioners and the background music is set to classic rock. There’s nothing better than chowing down to a western sandwich with Pink Floyd reminding you that you “will not have any pudding until you eat your meat”.

5. The weather was so nice this weekend, we didn’t want to waste a single minute inside. So after breakfast, we took the kids to the park to play and go for a little hike. It was nice to stretch our legs and let the sun shine on our pasty skin.

6. But all good things have to come to an end, and once we were done at the park, we packed up and made the trek home. But my Mother’s Day was not over yet. When we got home, Findley and Dean washed both vehicles, took me to pick out a few hanging baskets for the porch and presented me with two beautiful hand-made cards. To ice the cake, Findley gave me a weathered brick he found at the beach. He carried it all the way home, wrote a message on it and asked me to place it in the garden. The best gifts really are free! (But apparently, the car wash is going to cost me five dollars.)

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