Sunday Six-Pack: Stars on Ice Edition

We spent the weekend on the road and I didn’t mind a bit. I even wanted to drive for a change. It must have something to do with what is parked in my driveway. It’s amazing what Kaizen and a bit of leather will do to a girl…

6. We picked up my new “luxury SUV” on Friday afternoon. Bronwyn was a bit confused about the whole thing. She came to the dealership with us and wanted to know when we would pay for it, and what they were going to do with our old truck. Finn just wanted to make sure we could keep it forever and Mary has suddenly decided to learn to drive. It was a hit all around.


I have yet to take a photo of the exterior of the truck because the only sun we have had in a week coincided with Findley’s skate show. As soon as the rain stops, I’ll be posting photos of the newest member of the family. In the meantime, this is what I managed to get as we sped off to Markham this morning. Notice the fine leather peeking out from behind Finn and the conversation mirror that pops down just above the rear-view mirror – it will come in handy when we have to referee backseat fights.

5. We spent five hours in an arena on Saturday. It was so cold we had blankets covering our legs and mittens on our hands. Outside, people were in shorts and sandals. It was for a good cause – Finn was performing in the Can Skate ice show and he did a great job. He new his routine inside-out and performed it well. Grandma saw the matinee and Grandpa and Zjazja came for the evening performance and were all very proud of their boy.

4. Saturday was a long day for poor Bronwyn (and in turn for me). She was a great sport through the first show and was taken in by all of the sparkly costumes. By the second performance, she has seen enough and just wanted to dance along with the skaters, disrupting the spectators sitting near us – she had decided to be a figure skater, just as I had hoped she would. Funny, the show helped me decide that I don’t want her to be – I really don’t like arenas to begin with so don’t want to push her into a sport that would cause me to spend even more money and time in them. It took a cold arena on a sunny day, but I got the message.

3. Both Findley and Bronwyn talked all week about Saturday. They were so excited by the fact they would see both Grandma, and Grandpa and Zjazja on the same day! All of their grandparents were coming to visit. It was like Christmas and their birthday rolled into one – because grandparents always bring treats. And no one disappointed. Grandma arrived at the house with a new Barbie and a bathing suit for Bronwyn and a Star Wars Lego set and shorts for Findley. Zjazja took Findley to the Costco for a new Wii game, a bundle of books to share and some new shorts too! Findley is in bed now learning all about large cats – did you know Siberian tigers are the biggest cats, not lions? Finn just read it. Grandparents are a good thing.

2. Grandpa and Zjazja spent the weekend at a fancy hotel in Markham. It was a very nice place with a pool, spa and even a glass elevator in the lobby. Three weddings were hosted there this weekend. It will never be the same now that the kids have paid a visit. They had a great time riding up and down the elevator, running down the halls and inspecting the live trees in the lobby. I only hope the cola they spilled in Zjazja’s room doesn’t stain the rug – I will be traveling with Oxy Clean from now on! I repeat – grandparents are a good thing.

1. With everything they did this weekend, the highlight for both kids was a swim in the hotel pool. Zjazja used to travel quite often for work staying in very swanky hotels downtown and would always invite us out to dinner and a swim when she was in town. Findley used to love to “go for a swim in Zjazja’s fancy hotel”. She hasn’t traveled in a while, so it was a treat to spend the day with her and grandpa and get a swim in. Both kids were shriveled up like prunes when they came out of the pool, but had a great time jumping and floating and even swimming a bit. And Dean and I enjoyed having someone else do all of the heavy lifting. Once again, Grandparents are a good thing.

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