The Circle of Nice

You may know it as ‘Pay it Forward’, or ‘Do Unto Others’, but the Circle of Nice is an important part of the way  we live our lives. The idea is simple: Do something nice for someone else, not for what it might do for you, but selflessly; and you will be rewarded with nice. Nice begets nice. It’s simple really, but hard to find lately.

I have been having issues with my truck – It’s a 2002 and starting to show it’s age. In the past month, I’ve taken it in for repairs four times. Not one of those times was for regular servicing and once, they kept it overnight. Last week, it was a leak. Three hundred and fifty dollars later, I left confident that everything was fine. I had no reason to doubt the service manager at the dealership when he cashed me out, told me the leak was fixed and sent me home.

That was Tuesday. By Thursday, I noticed what looked like fresh fluid on the driveway. I dismissed it until Dean noticed another small puddle on Saturday. Now I was angry. Did they not fix it properly? What was going on? Enough was enough.

When I dropped the truck off this morning I found out that fixing a leak is like putting your finger in a dike – the pressure could build up and cause a brand-new leak somewhere else, or so I’m told. I wish they had warned me about this last week. Maybe they could have suggested that I meet with their sales team since the repair bills from the last four months alone add up to more than the vehicle is worth. Or at least give fair warning that something like this happens from time to time and to watch for it. No…. they just kept their mouths shut and sent me on my way expecting to keep taking my hard-earned money.

Well, I’ve got a surprise for them. It’s called a Toyota Highlander and I pick it up on Friday. That’s right – I’m the proud owner of a beautiful luxury SUV. She has leather interior, heated seats and mirrors, a back-up camera and a third row of seats so when I threaten to put one of the kids in the trunk, as I often do, I can actually follow through.

So what does my new, beautiful truck have to do with the circle of nice? Maybe it’s the homemade baked goods I send to work with Dean on a regular basis for no other reason than I like to bake. I don’t know for sure, but when Dean went into work on Monday and said that I was looking for a Toyota the reps in the automotive department were quick to help. I was even able to find the model with the features I wanted in the color I wanted. That’s the circle of nice.

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