The Easter Bunny Cometh – A Recap

** Preface: Easter started early. Rather than grab my camera to capture the hunt, I grabbed a coffee. It was a matter of life or death…

It all started at about 5:30 on Sunday morning. During the night, the Easter Bunny placed a bucket with a stuffed bunny in each of the kids’ doorway. Bronwyn was so tired from her weekend at Aunt Laura’s that she didn’t wake in the night, but Finn woke early and was coming to join us in bed when he stumbled upon the bucket. There was no sleep for anyone after that…

We managed to keep him in our bed and away from his slumbering sister until 7:15. It took some begging, pleading, ignoring and finally, cartoons to keep him quiet and in bed. It really only bought us thirty minutes or so of real sleep, and not quality sleep at that, but it did keep him away from Bronwyn, and her sleep is worth every minute of wakefulness I endured.

Getting cranky and it’s only noon. It will be a long day…

When Finn was finally let loose on Easter, he realized that there were bunny tracks leading from the buckets down the stairs and was off like a flash. He had already collected half a dozen eggs by the time his grumpy sister joined him. This was her first ‘real’ egg hunt, but she caught on quickly. As a twist, the egg hunt lead outside this year. The Easter Bunny, that cleaver guy, had a brand new pair of Crocs waiting for both kids at the sliding door. It was a bit chilly, but they did well with the hunt, missing a few eggs but discovering them them later in the day – making the find even more thrilling.

There was no body contact during the egg hunt – Finn found the helmet  at the cottage Friday and refuses to take it off!

The day warmed up enough to have a picnic lunch in the backyard, and then bike over to the school to play some baseball. By suppertime, however, the mood turned a bit sour. The early morning and chocolate high made two kids very cranky and in turn made two parents pretty cranky too. After an early night, the kids woke happy and excited Monday morning, ready to tell Mary all about their adventures and hoping she would let them eat all the chocolate they could stuff in their mouths (she didn’t allow a single piece of candy today – Yeah Mary!).

Practicing his swing Sunday afternoon. I had to take a picture – he’s definitely a hockey player

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