Deep and Delicious

Bronwyn spent the day working out the last of her terrible twos. A few tantrums and some foot stomping in the morning were cleared up after a quick nap. It may be leftover energy from the weekend and I think a good night’s sleep will clear this up and my happy pre-schooler will shine again in the morning. What? It doesn’t hurt to daydream every once in a while. It makes living with my mini-dictator a bit easier to handle.

I hadn’t planned on doing anything special for Bronwyn’s birthday tonight since we had the big party on Sunday.  And I kind of overlooked the actual birthday with all of my focus and energy on the party. So I kept with tradition and made her favorite meal for dinner (or second favorite, I’ve had enough hot dogs for a while), but had nothing left for desert. The cupcakes went to school with Bronwyn this morning and leftover jelly beans weren’t going to cut it. A stale old Deep and Delicious cake saved the day. I found it rummaging through the freezer and know that it has been there a while – I can’t recall actually buying it.

Regardless of how we acquired our cake, it did the trick. Bronwyn was happy just to blow out her candles. And frozen stale chocolate cake is better than no cake at all. Dean and the kids even had second helpings.

Now that the dishes have been cleared and the cake returned to the freezer, we can put another birthday weekend to rest. Time to begin the planning for Findley’s Superhero-Hockey party in July…

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