Brown Bagging It

Spring is the beginning of yard bag season. Every week from now until October, we will be bagging up all of our yard waste and taking it to the curb. We compost our kitchen scraps and leave the clippings on the grass when we mow the lawn, but all of the leaves, flowers and branches that we collect in the yard and garden get bagged. From now until the end of the season, you will always find a bag or two (or three, depending on the week) on the porch, out of the rain, patiently waiting for garbage day.

Tonight, Dean raked the leaves off the flower beds and cleaned up the lawn. The kids helped and had a good time trying to get all of the soggy, half-composted leaves into the bags. We uncovered tulips pushing through the cold earth and muscari too.

It won’t be long before our yard is in bloom. Until then, our biggest challenge will be keeping Bronwyn from trampling through the beds and Findley from digging up any plants in search of worms for his “collection”.

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