A Sunday Drive on Monday Evening

We never know what we are walking into when we get home at night. Tonight, it was a ride-on dump truck in the living room. The kids had taken it upon themselves to pull all of the outdoor toys out of winter storage. I guess spring is officially here.

After dinner, we took a drive around the deck. Poor Bronwyn spent a fortune fixing flat tires at the “shop”. She was a good sport about it – and a savvy shopper. She insisted on getting the family discount, requesting money back with every transaction.

Try as I might, I couldn’t coax Findley onto his bike this evening. He claimed he has already ridden it this afternoon. Maybe he doesn’t want to put too many miles on it too soon. Keep that new-bike smell. He did manage to convince Mary to take a few shots on him. She is such a good sport, but I have a feeling that she’d like to take a few hard slap shots on him from time to time.

 Is it terrible that I’ve considered it? …

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