Sunday Six-Pack: April Fool’s Edition

We kicked off the month with a bit of a spending spree. Poor Findley was well overdue for a new bike and with last week’s nice weather, that fact became painfully obvious. So off we went, Saturday morning, to get Finn some new wheels.

6. Findley tested every bike his size in the shop and settled on this one. I’ve set it next to it’s predecessor to give you an idea of the size difference between the two.  I’d have posted a photo of Findley on the bike, but while he was riding today, I was running along next to him and didn’t think to stop and take a picture as I was huffing and puffing through the neighborhood.

5. The buddy system is alive and well in the Michel household. I woke up this morning, tired and cranky, looking for any excuse to shrug off a Sunday morning run. Even the new running tights I picked up at Lululemon on Saturday weren’t motivating. What did get me dressed and out the door this morning was a little six-year-old voice reminding me that I promised to take him along on my run. He did well riding along side me and provided an additional layer to my workout – he didn’t stop chatting the entire fourty minutes and expected me to respond and contribute to the conversation.

4. We couldn’t come home with a new bike for Finn and nothing for his little sister. She didn’t get a new bike, her tricycle is only a year old and still going strong. Not to mention, she may have just inherited a slightly used two-wheeler. A few girly decals, some streamers and a new set of training wheels and the little bike will ride again. What we brought home to Bronwyn was a new basket for her bike. I’m sure it will be filled with her babies and their accessories in no time.

3. We have one more week of hockey before the season is over. Not that I have the date circled on the calendar or that I’m counting down or anything. It’s seems like it’s been a long season but Findley has really grown as both a player and a team-mate. He’s learning to share the puck, cheer on his team and his technique is much stronger. A few of the players on his team will be following Finn to lacrosse in a few weeks – Dean has done a great job selling the sport to his hockey parents. It will make for a nice transition from hockey and allow him to maintain some of his friendships.

2. We spent the afternoon at the Ricoh Colosseum. The Marlies played the Manitoba Moose and Aunt Laura will be happy to know her favorite player, the Moose’s Cody Hodgson scored her a goal. I swear I saw him mouth the words “Happy fiftieth birthday Laura, this goal’s for you”. At least I think that’s what he was saying… We were at the game to see Finn’s buddy Owen who was playing at the first intermission with his Timbits team. Two minutes flew by in a blink. I often zoned out during the actual game, but I could watch a dozen six-year-olds chasing a puck all day. Their enthusiasm is infectious.

1. The highlight of the weekend came early Saturday. Findley proved to his dad that all of their coaching and practicing really was sinking in. He drove the puck into the opponent’s zone and rather than charge the net and score, he saw an open teammate in front of the net and passed him the puck. His teammate scored his first goal from Finn’s assist. In five seconds Findley demonstrated everything Dean has been working since September to teach him. You could see the pride in his eyes from across the arena. 

One thought on “Sunday Six-Pack: April Fool’s Edition

  1. I could comment everyday on how much I enjoy reading this blog and seeing the kids. Hearing the hockey story and seeing Bronwyn on her bike, makes me feel so connected,,,Thanks, Thanks Thanks for sharing. See you at your Birthday Bronwyn!


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