On Sunday I wrote about crocuses blooming in the neighborhood. Tonight, I’m offering up two more pieces of evidence that spring is finally here.

Firstly, the sugar maple in the backyard has begun dripping it’s sweet sap all over the deck. It’s making for some sticky hockey. I’m glad we are nearing the end of the season, I’m not sure how well maple sap washes out of hockey jerseys. I hope the tree dries up before Finn starts practicing his lacrosse.

But the best evidence I have that winter is finally over is the rare sighting of two suburban yard monkeys. They were spotted playing in the backyard tonight. They must finally be coming out of hibernation. You can tell they haven’t been outside much since fall – they were chasing each other around, clumsily climbing up the slide and falling off swings.


I am sure after a few more outings they will have mastered the art of playing in the yard and be ready for bigger adventures. Local parks be warned!

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