Old Timer

Dean took the kids to an NHL Old Timer exhibition game on Sunday afternoon. It was his first time to a game with both kids and no help. I didn’t think he’d last through the anthem…
But I didn’t factor in what popcorn and hot dogs can do to guarantee good behaviour.

Everyone had a good time and it was nice to see Bronwyn and her daddy spending time together. During the opening, I’m told, fireworks were let off inside the arena and they frightened Findley. Seeing her brother upset, Bronwyn offered to protect him. She just assumed her dad was afraid of the dark and came to his rescue too, wrapping her arms around both of them.

She’s going to be lacing up those skates and playing hockey in no time. She has even started watching the game with the boys on Saturday nights. It was at this age that Finn made the leap. I had better start shopping for one of those stadium seat cushions – if I’m going to be spending an obscene amount of time in arenas, I might as well get comfortable.

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