Sunday Six-Pack: Earth Hour Edition

The sun was out in full force this weekend, but the cold winds and a hectic schedule kept us inside. I hope the winds change direction soon – I saw crocuses in bloom this afternoon and like them, I want to get out and shine in the sun.

6. Findley asked to participate in Earth Hour this year. The novelty of eating in the dark and having candles lit really did it for him. He doesn’t really understand the purpose of Earth Hour and I had to set aside my cynicism over the whole charade on his behalf. So we sat in the dark for a few hours on Saturday night, but Finn drew the line at turning off the TV – I guess if he had to choose between hockey and saving the planet, we know where Finn would land. Who decided to plan this Earth Hour thing on a Saturday night leading up to playoffs anyway?

5. I dusted off my running shoes last week. I started running again after Finn was born, but when Bronwyn cam along, I took a break and hadn’t gotten around to lacing up again until this week. Not seriously anyway. I’ve been cooling to bootcamp and with lacrosse season around the corner, I need a fitness routine that is a bit more flexible. I didn’t realize how much I missed it – my legs are a bit sore, but it felt good to get away for an hour and clear my head. If things go well, I might even invite Finn to join me on his bike, like I used to with my dad.

4. We had a double header this weekend and the bell got quite a workout. Finn scored another goal this morning, I think he’s up to five or six now – I’ve lost count. The whole team did very well and Dean is really proud of how far they’ve come this year. We had an end-of-season pizza party on Saturday and all of the parents raved to me about his coaching. I’m sure some of it was because I’m the coach’s wife, but it is well-deserved praise. There’s talk of coaching the select team next year. I had better rest while I can…

3./2. We went shopping for lacrosse gear Saturday afternoon. The season starts in two weeks and Finn has been using borrowed kidney guards that are a few sizes too big. Since this is his third year, and he pushed to play, we might as well bite the bullet and outfit him properly. And Zjazja sent the kids some money to get ready for spring, so it all evens out in the end. All week, Findley has been bugging not for lacrosse gear, but for a baseball helmet. Dean won’t let him use real baseballs in the back yard for fear that he will break a window, or worse, crack his head open. Mary has been pitching tennis balls to him almost every afternoon and he wants to bite into something a little harder. The whole way up to National Sports he talked and hinted about this helmet. I set the expectation before we walked into the store – if it wasn’t too expensive, we’d consider it. It was the Three Little Bears meets the Bad News Bears – he tried on almost every helmet in the store, but none fit properly. They were either too small or too big. I felt for the guy and Dean promised to take him shopping again next week to try and find a proper-fitting helmet. Poor little Goldilocks, it’s back to tennis balls this week. But it wasn’t a total bust, he did manage to score new running shoes, elbow pads and the elusive kidney guard.

1. In two weeks, my baby is turning three. It’s hard to believe she has grown up so quickly. I don’t remember Finn at this age – I was in a new-mommy fog having just brought his sister home. But I don’t think he was as determined and persistent as she is. When she gets something in her head, there is no stopping her. At almost three, she is in charge of her life, as much as she can be. She decides what to wear, brushes her own teeth and puts her shoes on by herself. I find it fascinating that her brother, who is almost six, will still let me pick out his clothes and dress him. But I guess it’s not all that strange – Dean has been letting me dress him for almost fourteen years. 

One thought on “Sunday Six-Pack: Earth Hour Edition

  1. Ah, yes, I've been dressing Grampa for 23 years now .. not sure where the time went … so with 2 men in your life – I think you'll be doing it for a few more years. At least they “look good” that way! LOL .. Bronwyn – what a cutee! She knows what she likes – for sure. Love the Bronwyn in Pink pics! Decided for May weekend to have a PIRATE TREASURE HUNT – so get your pirate gear ready!
    Love Grampa and Zja Zja xxoo


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