Sunday Six-Pack: Family Day Edition

We were finally forced to slow things down this weekend. With Findley sick, we stayed close to home hoping to speed up his recovery. He has regained his appetite and started bickering with his sister on Sunday afternoon, so I think we are past the worst of it.

1. Grandma came to visit on Sunday, bringing a truckload of craft supplies with her. I had an idea in my head to create a banner for each of the kids, something simple that we could bring out on their birthdays. Something a little nicer than the dollar store signs or balloon bouquets we normally use. I thought we’d whip something up in an afternoon. I was mistaken – we spent the better part of the day on Bronwyn’s banner and will have to regroup for Findley’s. I think it was worth the effort, but Grandma was stuck behind five snow plows on the QEW driving home in a blizzard, so she may have a different point of view.

2. Bronwyn and I got caught up thrifting and missed Findley’s hockey game on Saturday. Apparently, he scored a goal. I scored a few things myself. Some vintage juice glasses, Campbell’s soup mugs and a great little wicker rocker. The fight over the rocker started the minute it was set down in the living room. Luckily, Findley has my old childhood rocker in his room. Crisis averted, until they began fighting over the old rocker that up until Saturday, no one wanted and has been sitting in a corner for six years collecting dust. Typical…

3. We started Family Day the way we have started most weekends this year. Shoveling snow. There was only about five centimeters on the ground, and it was very light and fluffy, but it was cold outside. Lucky for me, I was on the clock. I was on call for the day so had to sit warmly inside, drinking tea and surfing the Internet. You never know when an accounting emergency might creep up.

4. After Dean and the kids finished shoveling, we trekked up to the Scarborough Civic Centre. We were lured up with promises of free skating, hot chocolate and Carleton the Bear. Bronwyn wanted to wag the Leafs’ mascot’s tail. Finn and Dean wanted to skate. I wanted to stay home. We spent about an hour skating, playing and enjoying the event as best we could in -17 degree weather.

5. Along with the crafts, Grandma brought the kids some belated Valentine treats. Auntie Lee sent some books for the kids that had to be read as soon as they were unwrapped, and Grandma had some candies for them too. It’s a bit of a reversal for them, usually Auntie Lee sends the candy and Grandma has a “healthier” alternative. Maybe Auntie Lee is finally realizing that one day, she’ll be the parent and I’ll be the aunt with the bag full of sweets…

6. In a fitting end to Family Day weekend, the kids’ circle of friends grew by one this week. The Dinwoodies welcomed nine-pound baby Griffin into their family on Wednesday night. We are looking forward to meeting Abigail’s baby brother and hope the family is settling in nicely.  And that Griffin is taking it easy on his parents – in our experience, baby boys can be a bit of a handful.

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