Maybe I Should Have Stayed Quiet

I was summoned home this afternoon. My boy had a belly ache and he called me and asked with a whimper if I’d come home. My heart broke into a million pieces and I quickly wrapped up my day to get back to him. Bronwyn’s bug is doing the rounds and it’s Findley’s turn to feel rotten. He isn’t eating much but is really enjoying the ginger ale – he likes the fizz.

We made it through the afternoon and evening rather well and we didn’t let a sore belly stop us from our regular Tuesday night craft either – tonight was pipe cleaner animals. They looked a little sad, but they were quick and the effort was there.

Then bedtime came. Findley was tired and getting nervous about when and if he would get better. He was afraid he’d throw up and need new jammies, and what if the new jammies were too small. And what if he was still sick on Thursday and had to miss swimming lessons. And if he wasn’t well by the weekend, he’d let his team down. And what about those jammies?

Bronwyn threw a few tantrums of her own. She didn’t understand and was feeling left out. Once I explained that I needed her help to take care of Findley, the tears stopped and she was on board. That and I promised her ginger ale too.

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