Virtual Valentine

Bronwyn participated in her first-ever Valentine’s day party today. She was so proud and happy to show off all of her little valentines and lollipops and candy kisses tonight. The brown paper lunch bag with her name written across the front brought back memories of my grade school valentine exchanges. Close to thirty odd years ago. Ouch.

Findley came home with an enormous envelope jammed with valentines and candies. Sadly, not one little Rice Krispies heart came back. When I asked if there were any leftovers, Findley was quick to announce that they were all gone and then offered me his. The boy’s sweetness can melt my heart some days.

It’s hard to maintain my negative outlook when the kids pour so much innocent joy into every holiday. Even the Hallmark ones.

One thought on “Virtual Valentine

  1. Over the recent years…I was beginning to become a bit anti-Valentine but, looking around at people making huge efforts to please their loved ones and emails sent from my friend with her daughter beaming with joy over a simple little red heart, just reminded me how this silly day has such a such a big impact on those around us…it's that instant closeness and connections that we share with our family & friends that re-affirms Valentine's Day, as a day to take time to celebrate our love.


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