At Least it’s her Favorite Color

Things have been swimming along very smoothly these last few months. Neither Findley nor Bronwyn has missed a day of school or extra-curricular activity since September. I am free to say that now without fear of repercussion because we’ve been hit with the first virus of the season.

That’s right. We’ve had our first visit to the doctor. Poor Bronwyn woke up with itchy, crusty eyes yesterday and the doctor diagnosed Pink Eye this afternoon. It’s a mild case and we caught it early, so it should run it’s course quickly.

We missed Findley’s Select practice tonight

She’s not complaining or rubbing her eyes much, but she is saying that her eyes feel “spicy”. The worst of it is that we had a weekend filled with activities. Tonight was the Valentine skate party with CanSkate, tomorrow is cousin Thomas’ hockey birthday party, and we have our regular hockey and gymnastics commitments. Thankfully, the doctor told us that once we have three doses of antibiotic under our belts we should no longer be contagious. That means if we skip tonight’s skate and gymnastics in the morning, we will be able to visit with our cousins Saturday afternoon.

Look at those poor little glassy red eyes.

I hope the weather warms for the hockey party tomorrow afternoon. And with a lightened schedule, we may even have time to get our skates sharpened.

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