Reading Buddies

I came home from a workout tonight to find Mary and the kids reading. It didn’t surprise me – it was eight o’clock on a school night. Dean is out of town and they stayed up to wait for me. I love watching them read stories – they read every night with their dad, and usually have a three book minimum. Their focus, interest and excitement about books is infectious.

I guess an interest in reading comes naturally to them. There is a newspaper at our door every morning, weekly magazine subscriptions coming in and a book or two on every flat surface of the house. You could say we are addicted to the written word. Interest and passion for reading are qualities we hope to pass down to the kids. And I think we are. Findley reads the sports section of the paper every morning. He reads at a grade one level and understands most of the words. Bronwyn will bring a book over and ask me to “tell” her the words. She will not relent until you’ve read the story. Twice.

So tonight, long after teeth were brushed and kids tucked into bed, when I went up to check on them, I should not have been surprised to find them books in hand, quietly reading stories in bed. I think they have the right idea – I’m heading up now to snuggle into bed with a good book myself.

Caught in the act – sneaking out for more book
Bronwyn “reading” with her Tag reader

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