The Sunday Six-Pack: Superbowl Edition

We survived Superbowl XLV. We ate, we wagered, we shed a few tears, but Findley has finally recovered. I knew we were in trouble on Saturday morning.

1. Finn insisted on loot bags for our Superbowl/Birthday party, so off we went to the Dollar Store. We found green bowls, yellow plates, foam fingers and footballs and the must have item: a little plastic trophy. The idea was that if Pittsburgh won, Finn would get the trophy, but if Green Bay was victorious, the prize would go to Dean. In Finn’s mind it was sheer genius.

2. In line waiting to check out, Finn struck up a conversation with a middle-aged woman in line behind us. She had overheard Findley (not hard to do) mention that Pittsburgh was going to win the Superbowl. She disagreed and Finn was quick to clear up her misconceptions. He reminded her that the Steelers had yet to lose a game all season, and weren’t about to start now. We quickly paid for our trinkets and left before fists started flying.

3. Bronwyn and I were happy to have a distraction from football and headed to Lindsay on Sunday morning for my niece Christina’s baby shower. Just when I thought the Janke family couldn’t possibly get any bigger, they decided to set another place at the table. Everyone is looking forward to a new baby, especially Grandma-to-be Laura, and Bronwyn is happy to have another baby to dote over.

Christina will have a lot of help with the new baby.
Laura’s fudge never disappoints.

4. The chili was cold, wings eaten and the bottles piling up when the Green Bay Packers had the audacity to win the Superbowl. Emotions were high – Dean was counting his winnings, but Findley was in tears. If it wasn’t bad enough that his team lost, now he had to give up the little plastic trophy. The very same little plastic trophy he had been confidently holding most of the night. Nobody thought he would recover.

The ONLY photo taken during the party!

5. In a last minute Hail Mary play, Findley decided that since I was cheering for Green Bay too, I’d be the one to win the trophy. This way, he explained, I could give it back to him and he could keep it in his room for safekeeping. I thought I’d take a picture of the trophy, but it has since gone missing. Findley hasn’t noticed yet…


6. In what turned out to be the smartest play of the weekend, Dean and I took today off. After getting Bronwyn to school, we tidied up the house, put away the air mattresses and got Bill and Zack off to work. The dishes are put away, decorations taken down and football won’t invade my living room again until September. I was about to do a happy dance when Dean reminded me that spring training is just around the corner. Better dust off my glove and ball cap.

One thought on “The Sunday Six-Pack: Superbowl Edition

  1. Great post Jenny. It was great to hear of all your followers on Sunday. Lots of great gifts for the newest Janke. Really liked the Maple Leafs Cap. I was dreaming of the little one the other night and the name came to me. Luke, and I love it. Just wanted to get it recorded, you heard it from me first.


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