Snow Day!

I have to say I was a bit disappointed when I woke up this morning. Meteorologists have been playing up this “Snowmageddon” that was supposed to completely disable the city and it didn’t live up to the reality of the 15 centimeters that covered my walk and driveway this morning.

But the media didn’t let a less than spectacular storm get them down. They were almost giddy reading off the school closures. We had our first-ever snow day today and I don’t know who was more excited – Dean or the kids.

By 7:30, Bronwyn  and I were dressed and outside cleaning up the driveway so Dean could get to the office. What the storm didn’t leave behind in snow, it gave us in biting wind and bitter cold. We came in twice to warm up before we were done. Bronwyn’s cheeks were rosy and cold after only 15 minutes outside but she didn’t seem to notice the cold. Kids are weird that way – their thermostats must not be fully developed.

Once inside, Bronwyn had no interest in going back out. Finn and Mary spent the afternoon tobogganing, but she was adamant she wasn’t going to join them. Lucky me – I worked from home and got to take a break for some cuddles on the sofa, snuggling with a blanket and a warm cup of tea, watching the snow fall outside. If I could block out the sound of Dora yelling Vamanos! in the background, it would be a perfect afternoon.

One thought on “Snow Day!

  1. Reviewing the events of yesterday myself brings a smile to my face…growing up, shoveling our snow filled driveway was always expected of my brother, sister & I to do if school got cancelled. By just looking at the smile on your daughter's face – shoveling the driveway really is a small price to pay when you have a day off from school 🙂


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